We celebrate Jewish festivals with the entire community and with guests, as one family and in a special atmosphere. We have space for everyone. Our hall can accommodate up to 300 people.

Rosh HaShana – services, including Tashlich, and festival meals.

Yom Kippur – meal before the fast, services, cake and hot/cold drinks after the fast.

Sukkot – a big Sukkah (more than 100 seats) on the roof, where all festival meals are held.

Simchat Torah – Hakafot and dancing with the Torah scrolls, with an open bar.

Hanukkah – distribution of hanukkiot and candles to every Jewish home in Japan, Hanukkah party, lighting of candles in central locations around Japan.

Tu Bishvat – a community party with a refreshing Tu Bishvat Seder.

Purim – reading of the Megillah, Mishloach Manot, and a special party for children.

Pesach – a center Seder for community members and guests, a Seder set is sent to those celebrating at home.

Lag BaOmer – a party in honor of rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, with a big bonfire in a joyous atmosphere.

Shavuot – reading of the Ten Commandments, a dairy festive meal.